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Posted On: March 6, 2015

I think about how fun it would be to get a PS3 and play again since I still have my old disc but then I see what kind of shit people say on there to the other people and I completely fine staying away again. It to be expected with any gameThe original MGO2 community was the most disgusting and overtly toxic online group I ever seen at the time, and it makes modern day toxic communities look like lambs.The official Konami forums were completely unmoderated and it was unchained shitheels from across the globe thrown together in an extremely highly technical and moderately unbalanced game from a franchise that appeals to tac porn wannabe commandos.It was a recipe for human filth and that exactly what came out of the oven.That being said, the environment also forced a lot of close knit communities of people who just wanted to find ways to have fun with the game without some fragile jackass screaming about lag and hacking every time he got shot. When I first saw that Naked Big Boss pic in the line up with the other characters I pretty much said Big Boss would be alive, appear in the final cutscene, make up with Snake or something and then he die and the game would end.

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And by control I mean touch screen and easy access to an integrated iTunes media server that can deliver up to eight independent audio streams simultaneously. Or handle Security systems or cameras. Or HVAC or lighting. The consistent factor in our team sucking is our QB play. Could you imagine any good QB with that defense last year? Suh definitely made far more of an impact than we thought and we should have paid him whatever he wanted. He brought a culture change to Detroit and I positive had we never drafted him we would not have played in one playoff game.

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