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Posted On: December 4, 2014

6.23pm: budget, this time, has given a large benefit of flat Rs 40,000 as a standard deduction to the salaried class of taxpayers and pensioners. Earlier, some people were getting conveyance allowance and some medical allowance on the basis of production of bills but now we have removed all individual allowances on production of certain bills among others. It is flat Rs 40,000 to every salary earner.

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No, I mean a book about why the Constitution matters to you today. Dozens of fabulous books exist from Garrett Epps’ recent American Epic: Reading the Constitution, to classics like Akhil Amar’s America’s Constitution: A Biography and The Bill of Rights: Creation or Reconstruction, or views from Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia, or John Paul Stevens. But, most of us who aren’t lawyers don’t read these books..

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cheap hermes belt The women are being tried under Iraq’s sweeping antiterrorism law and many are handed lengthy prison sentences or sometimes the death penalty. Rights groups including Human Rights Watch say Iraq is going too far: Many women who aren’t themselves accused of perpetrating violence are being harshly punished for crimes committed by their husbands. But birkin bag replica Iraqi officials say ISIS members must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law cheap hermes belt.