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Posted On: December 13, 2015

After Cold Stone Creamery helped launch an independent franchisee association, the franchisor turned its back on its very own creation when franchisees asked for too much more transparency. As a result, the association filed a lawsuit against the franchise company. That’s when Cold Stone went after the association heads rather than bother with the association”The fact that Cold Stone is putting pressure on and attacking the leadership of the association, in our view is inappropriate, especially if that is the only motive,” he stated..

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By October 2007, Trump acknowledged to this reporter that the real estate market was looking iffy. market in West Palm Beach is not exactly great looking, Trump said. Won go forward unless we see a robust market. This chart shows the small constellation of Vulpecula (The Fox), and the location of the exploding star Nova Vul 1670 (red circle). Image credit: ESO/IAU/Sky Telescope”We observed CK Vul with the hope to find some submillimeter emission, but were completely surprised by how intense the emission was and how abundant in molecules the gas surrounding CK Vul is,” Kaminski told Universe Today. “Also, we have ongoing observational programs to search for objects similar to CK Vul.”.

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I thought I knew the answer to this (in very general terms) until I read this piece in Slate, “The Shutdown to End All Shutdowns” the main point for me being that a continuing resolution to renew funding, in the absence of the passage of a money bill, might go on forever. Automatic CR legislation might be written in a way that gives one party in particular a reason to prefer it over passing a budget. [more inside].

It used lots of stimulus money to plug some of its budget hole. It benefited hugely from the auto bailout, which kept the Midwest’s manufacturing sector alive. And in February, Mitch Daniels joined 46 other governors and signed a letter asking for exactly the sort of Medicaid funding that Congress just passed.

The bats kept going in the fifth, when three straight Jays singled and Guerrero Jr. Knocked in two with a single. Randal Grichuk plated a couple more with a two out double off of the wall and Hernandez added another two for good measure by crushing a 2 2 pitch into the left field stands..