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Posted On: January 10, 2019

The Mississippi Arts Commission made the Blues Trail Curriculum available this school year. It’s aimed at fourth graders who are learning state history, but it can be altered for younger and older students. Its lessons focus on six main areas: music, meaning, cotton, transportation, civil rights and media.

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He had a tremendous career. Grilli had some great moments here, had some big games for us and he had been pitching pretty good for us lately. It was just one of those days. For the past year, though, the restaurant has taken on an eerie feel. The phone starts ringing when school gets out, picking up the pace in time zone after time zone. On the other end Tuesday afternoon were children from non Jersey Shore area codes such as 929, 276 and, multiple times, 218..

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Albert Cardinal, a reporter with The New Brunswick Daily Home News showed up at the scene. The calling card at Hall foot hadn been touched by police at this point. Cardinal asked if he could pick it up. Say it on a T shirt. So beginning next week, look for Roundup twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Keep those tips coming! COURT COVERUP.

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She loved having visitors to treehouse, the apartment on Humphrey Road where she lived for nearly 40 years. I remember her upstairs surrounded by trees, birds, butterflies, and ocean breezes. Also known as Hall, during the 1960s and early the treehouse was a safe, emotionally warm place where wayward friends with parental issues could stay a while.

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