Fiore escaped after two weeks of captivity by crawling through

Posted On: August 12, 2013

Lord Shiva went to him and said – I want to save you. Hold my hand
That person said, take a drop honey and chat, then I will walk.
. Here’s a summary of what really happened this morning at CIBL’s Crossroads corridor. MDL Angora was there with some brothers in arms when he slipped off to go out. When he came out of the bush without much to know what happened, while the gunman had fled, the unfortunate MDL was assaulted and attacked by an angry mob that he killed him with stones, bricks He was not the author of the murderous shot that unfortunately took the life of the motorcyclist!
The rest we know: post of Gendarmerie burned, homes of the Sous Prfet, SG Prefecture and the simply sad and revolting!
RIP to the young motorcycle taxi driver and yako to his family! > RIP to the young gendarme and yako to the family!.

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