I don't want to be pregnant again

Posted On: August 18, 2014

canada goose Tags Repeal together for yes Who Needs Your Yes See other tags Tags #WhoNeedsYourYes: People on Twitter are explaining who their Yes vote will honour So poignant. By Claire Woods Monday 14 May 2018, 7:05 PM May 14th 2018, 7:05 PM 3,262 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4011754 Share9 Tweet Email AN EVENT HELD today by the National Women’s Council of Ireland launched their  ‘Who Needs Your Yes’ campaign, as well as sparking a Twitter hashtag.There was a wide variety of speakers at the event including Minster for Health, Simon Harris.Source: @womens_council_ireland/instagramHarris thanked Irish women who have shared their personal experiences of crisis pregnancies, acknowledging the pain behind their stories:‘We are voting on May 25 because we have let you down for too long.’Professor Mary Higgins, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist from the National Maternity Hospital www.fcvfrankfurt.de , spoke honestly of the unenviable position doctors find themselves in as they try to navigate the 8th Amendment which restrict how much they can care for their patients:The most I can do as a doctor when my patients are travelling is send a text that says you’re thinking about them. It’s pathetic, and you wonder if you are breaking the law.Last night, #WhoNeedsYourYes was trending on Twitter, as many shared their personal stories and reasons for voting to yes to repealing the 8th.Here’s 12 of the most heartbreaking and compassionate tweets about who needs you to vote yes.1. Dr Murphy, a therapist, needs it for his patientsMy yes is for all the women who I have seen in therapy (not related to abortions) but were; – shamed by judgement of the un-compassionate – retraumatised by graphic images – who nearly died in childbirth as their clinicians were hindered by legislation. #WhoNeedsYourYes— Dr Eddie Murphy (@dreddiemurphy) May 13, 2018 Source: Dr Eddie Murphy/Twitter2. Gerry needs a yes so his daughters never suffer what he and his wife didI am #Together4yes for my daughters, and yours. That no man will ever have to drag them away from their dead baby, as I had to with @BrennanGaye.I will stand with them forever!#WhoNeedsYourYes pic.twitter.com/rt5KX78xLP— Gerry Edwards (@gerryheed) May 13, 2018 Source: Gerry Edwards/Twitter3. Annie’s ‘yes’ is for her daughter and those who find themselves in an unimaginable realityMy yes is for Aishling, my daughter, my teacher. I never imagined I would have a baby with no chance at life. I never knew how many of us out there live with this grief. We all deserve support & compassion. #WhoNeedsYourYes pic.twitter.com/W6nCsxSN1x— Annie Roche (@anyciar) May 13, 2018 Source: Annie Roche/Twitter4. Ciara needs a yes for the memory of her being alone in EnglandI needed your yes. When I was 21, terrified canada goose outlet store , alone, broken by the fear. When I was bleeding on a plane, and in a dirty B&B. When I was in pain, sick with anxiety in a strange hospital with strange doctors in a strange country. #whoneedsyouryes— Ciara O'Connor Walsh (@Ciara_OC) May 13, 2018 Source: Ciara O’Connor Walsh/Twitter5. Mel needs a yes for her cancer survivor daughter#WhoNeedsYourYes My yes is for my 16-yr-old daughter @5_niamh who is too young to vote. She has survived Stage 4 cancer, end stage heart failure and a heart transplant. With the 8th in place, she might not survive a pregnancy but her doctors' hands would be tied. #repealthe8th— Mel Bracken (@MeliosaBracken) May 13, 2018 Source: Mel Bracken/Twitter6. Daithi’s ‘yes’ is a reminder of the children who are forced to travelThere's lots of people I'm voting Yes for but in particular the children we send to England to access abortion. #WhoNeedsYourYes pic.twitter.com/j4g34hmrrE— Daithi (@daithigor) May 13, 2018 Source: Daithi/Twitter7. Karen’s yes is for women like her who have suffered from Post Natal DepressionMy last pregnancy seriously damaged both my physical and mental health. I had PND, I had a goodbye text typed out and pills in my hand to take my own life. A neighbour knocked and interrupted me. I don't want to be pregnant again. I won't risk it. #WhoNeedsYourYes #BeMyYes— Karen Mulreid #Repealthe8th (@beatingblog) May 13, 2018 Source: Karen Mulreid #Repealthe8th/Twitter8. Amanda Mellet’s is in memory of her daughter, Aoife#whoneedsyouryes my yes is in memory of my first daughter Aoife, who I lost to an FFA , and for my second daughter Ella , that she may grow up in an Ireland where the ill treatment of women is a historical, not a current event #tfmr #StopPunishingTragedy— AmandaMellet (@amanda_mellet) May 13, 2018 Source: AmandaMellet/TwitterIn 2011 Mellet was told her 21 week old foetus, a girl, had congenital defects meaning that she would die in the womb or shortly after. Mellet could only stay in the UK 12 hours in total for her treatment as it was all she could afford.In June 2016, the UN’s Human Rights Commission ruled that Ireland had subjected Mellet to “discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” because of the 8th Amendment. Mellet was offered €30,000 by the Irish government.9. Sinead is doing it for every pregnancy that wasn’t a source of joyMy yes is for every pregnant person whose pregnancy was not a source of joy, but one of pain and grief, through illness, rape, economic means, violence, bad timing, lack of documentation, foetal abnormality & health reasons. Trust and listen to us. #Repealthe8th #WhoNeedsYourYes— Sinéad Gleeson (@sineadgleeson) May 14, 2018 Source: Sinéad Gleeson/Twitter10. Julia is voting for women like her mother who have been affected by the 8th Amendment but cannot vote Source: Julia Crowe FOR YES/Twitter11. James’ yes is so we start looking after our own citizens, instead of exporting them to the UKMy yes is for Irish women, because they are Irish. I don’t want the British to be responsible for providing care to Irish citizens, because if we can’t do that for ourselves, then what is Ireland? #WhoNeedsYourYes— James O'Sullivan (@jamescosullivan) May 14, 2018 Source: James O’Sullivan/Twitter12. Bró’s message is simple.I do.Please. #WhoNeedsYourYes— bró (@broney13) May 14, 2018 Source: bró/TwitterThe NWCI also shared a beautiful video of family members speaking about the devastating impact of the 8th Amendment on their loved ones who were pregnant. Source: NationalWomensCouncilofIreland/Vimeocanada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka