In 11 games (nine starts) with Santa Cruz this season

Posted On: October 15, 2015 In a further sign of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords speedy recovery, her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. From CNN: congresswoman continues to do well, University Medical Center said in a statement. Bouka (6’1 205 lbs) returns to the Roughriders after rejoining the Club in April of 2019. The 27 year old played in all 18 games of the 2019 season, starting in one. He made five tackles and one interception on defence while also making a mark on special teams recording three tackles..

Follow CNNWarren diagnosed her with “acquired methemoglobinemia,” a reaction caused by certain medicines that stops blood from carrying oxygen to tissue, he said.Oxygen rich blood is typically associated with a bright red color. But even though blood appears blue in patients with methemoglobinemia, oxygen levels are actually quite high, Warren said.Blood “selfishly binds” with oxygen and doesn’t release it to the tissue where it’s needed. And thus, the patient appears blue.It’s fitting that the antidote is a brilliant blue, too.

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