In the doctor’s office, they are brought back and examined for

Posted On: October 10, 2014

The provided function occupies a very narrow space of functions which lie between infinitely differentiable and (real) analytic. The only implications I can think of are related to the fact that it is not equal to its Taylor series about 0. Thus exp( 1/z^2) is not complex analytic (or even complex differentiable) at 0.

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When you design a fundraising poster, avoid the mistake of crowding the poster with symbols and decorations. Filling the white space may seem like a good idea, but it can detract from the central message. Limit the information to the name of the event in big letters, preferably in a bright color outlined in black, followed by smaller info in black marker including contact information, the time and date, the event location and the reason for the fundraiser.

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People would probably OD less often. One reason it happens is because of inconsistent potency. If the actual amount of active ingredient was printed on the label like it is for prescription drugs and alcohol (and at least semi accurately like it is with marijuana here in California) this would be less of an issue..

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