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Posted On: July 27, 2014

Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale with murder in mind after actress Claire King keeps year

She was the queen of the soap super bitches and now Kim Tate is back with a bang after actress Claire King kept her return uk canada goose outlet to a secret for an entire year.

The iconic character’s comeback after 19 years away was so cloak and dagger Claire even sneaked onto set through a back entrance.

canada goose outlet online store But she makes an explosive arrival into the Dales next Monday and wreaks havoc from the very first second in true canada goose store Kim Tate style. canada goose outlet online store

canada goose jacket outlet Talking of Kim Tate style, it will come as no surprise to fans to learn where she has been for some of the years she has been away locked up in prison. canada goose jacket outlet

Claire, 55, who played Kim for 10 years between 1989 and 1999, says it was tough to keep her dramatic return under wraps.

“It was top secret. I told my mum and dad and my partner,” she explains. “But my name was secret on call sheets and scripts. I had to park round the back so fans at the front couldn’t see me. kept Canada Goose Coats On Sale it really quiet.”

But finally roaring up the majestic Home Farm driveway in an Aston Canada Goose sale Martin DB9 supercar made it all worthwhile and brought memories flooding back.

canada goose parka outlet uk “I’m a canada goose uk black friday Yorkshire lass anyway so it is like coming home. And the house hasn’t changed a bit.” canada goose parka outlet uk

Since Kim Tate fled Home Farm in a helicopter in 1999, fans of the Yorkshire soap have been desperate for her to make her return.

canada goose outlet online reviews Claire went on to perform roles in Bad Girls, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street meaning she canadian goose jacket has hardly been off our television screens. She was offered the chance to come back to the Dales on many occasions but never felt the time was right until now. canada goose outlet online reviews canada goose outlet online Her return is set be an explosive one canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet store uk Kim’s step grandson Joe Tate has been in the village laying claim canada goose uk shop to her Home Farm empire, and while she has been languishing in jail she has been plotting her revenge, like only Kim Tate can. canada goose outlet store uk

Claire says: “I’ve been asked back quite a few times, every few years it raises its head again and it just seemed right this time, because there was already Joe Tate in it. canada goose clearance sale There is a Tate connection it was easier than people thinking where has this random old bint come from, who nobody really remembers apart from two or three of the cast? It just seemed right.

“I got the call last year. It had been discussed and nothing was concrete, but then I somehow slotted into the stories and it seemed the right time.”

While no buy canada goose jacket cheap one could forget her as lady of the manor Kim Tate, Claire says she felt she had to let enough time pass for her role as Erica Holroyd in Street to fade from memory.

Claire left Weatherfield two years ago, and you get the sense she didn’t enjoy that role quite as much as she did Kim.

canada goose womens outlet She explains: “I had done Corrie and I just had to put that behind me. canada goose womens outlet

“I knew Erica would disappear quite quickly because she wasn’t a big and they couldn’t really do anything with her. I just had to wait.”

And she believes Corrie bosses missed a golden opportunity to make more of Erica than they did.

canada goose jacket outlet store “Erica could have been a strong she says. “I think they just took her in the wrong direction. She was supposed to be in there with Liz and they would’ve been quite a funny duo and I loved working with Jimmi Harkishin, but it uk canada goose wasn’t the same as Canada Goose Parka this.” canada goose jacket outlet store

canada goose stockists uk Chatting to Claire on the opulent Home Farm set it is buy canada goose jacket obvious she has grabbed the chance to play evil Kim again with both hands. canada goose stockists uk

canada goose outlet canada goose outlet miami And she couldn’t make a more dramatic Canada Goose Jackets entrance canada goose coats into the Dales if she tried, roaring into the middle of a fundraising masquerade ball at Home Farm in a sports car wearing a royal cheap canada goose uk blue gown. canada goose outlet miami

Guests are open mouthed as she declares Joe has been lying to the village and she is the rightful owner of the Tate empire.

(Image: Rex)

With her famous acid tongue she immediately sets about making enemies across the village, declaring Charity an ex prostitute, Faith a granny and Debbie a snivelling runt. Laughing, Canada Goose online Claire says: “It is a joy to be so bitchy and get away with it. I am very, very lucky they write for her like that.