Le macareux moine et d’autres oiseaux aquatiques nichent dans

Posted On: December 3, 2013

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moncler womens jackets The goal of her lawsuit is to nullify a union amendment, which states, “no employee shall be terminated for economic or budgetary reasons.”She said she’s handcuffed during a fiscal crisis.Once the court rules, the supervisor will decide who foots the bill for legal fees.Some board members on both sides of the aisle said they agree the no moncler sale outlet layoff clause is dangerous in a fiscal emergency. (CBSNewYork) There further fallout on sweeping changes made to the union labor contract and personnel moves in the Town of Hempstead, Long Island.On Tuesday, nearly 200 jobs became officially cheap moncler jackets protected by the Republican supervisor who was voted out of office in November.As CBS2 Jennifer McLogan reported, Supervisor Anthony Santino final Hempstead town board meeting went down with a splash and a groan.MORE:11th Hour Vote Passes Controversial Proposal To Protect So Called Patronage Jobs In Hempsteadnow I am inheriting all of this, I don think we have ever seen cheap moncler jackets sale a situation where the departing elected official has saddled the newly elected official with almost 200 personnel changes, Supervisor elect Laura moncler outlet jackets Gillen told CBS2.Some angry town residents called the proceedings Tuesday a amendment and a layoff clause scam. Republican Councilman Bruce Blakeman was among those casting a vote moncler womens jackets.