Let your wife take her, but also let her deal with whatever

Posted On: May 27, 2015

That isn to say that learning a foreign language is bad it a great soft skill for communication and networking, but that can be done through various other methods. Don think that just by virtue of learning or knowing a foreign language, it will open up engineering prospects. It takes years of dedication of learning the language and in technical terms to pay off in terms of opening future prospects in engineering..

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I think you are blowing things way out of proportion. Granted I don know everything about your marriage, but saying your marriage is basically over due to your wife wanting to take your daughter on a 3 week trip is kind of odd.Let your wife take her, but also let her deal with whatever problems come up. I get wanting to take care of your wife and spare her from any problems, but she is a mom now, and she needs to learn to deal with it.

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