MSNBC,CNN, and the other main news channels lambasted Bush

Posted On: January 15, 2014

Is it a good strategy for the White House to go after Fox moncler coats for cheap News

The Obama White House may have started another war it can win.

cheap moncler On yesterday Sunday talk shows Senior Adviser David Axelrod said of Fox News, not really news. It pushing a point of view.” And he asked that other news organizations not treat Fox moncler jackets outlet online like it news.

moncler outlet online The president Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, also said Fox is a news organization so much as it has a perspective. all started when White House communications director cheap moncler jackets wholesale Anita Dunn called Fox an moncler jackets mens arm of the Republican Party and said the Obama administration would treat the cable news network as they would an is now in a dust up with Fox News Glenn Beck, concerning a speech where she quoted Communist leader Mao Tse Tung. Beck calls that is also a January video of Ms. Dunn where she talks about how the Obama campaign controlled the news media. She says they went around the of the news media and spoke directly to the American people. Actually, a lot of the time they did.

cheap moncler jackets Fox News says the White House to declare war on them instead of focusing on critical issues like jobs, health care and two wars.

And they have a point. It could be said that bickering with Fox News is a waste of valuable time and energy that could be better spent solving the nation myriad problems.

cheap moncler moncler jacket online coats Here’s my question to you:?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

No. This bickering with the likes of Beck and O just makes the Obama White cheap moncler jackets House look petty and weak, and only helps Official Moncler Outlet the ratings for Fox News. Horrible job of time management for Team Obama! Spend your time wrestling with senators over buy moncler jackets toronto a public option!

moncler mens jackets Pete from Sarasota, Florida says:

A politician cannot win a fight with the press. God help us all if this ever becomes the case, regardless of party affiliation. This is not going to play out well for the president since no American, regardless of party affiliation, will tolerate a loser.

cheap moncler sale Enough already! Stop reporting anything about Glenn Beck. He is an insane nut job. His moncler chicago opinion is of no value to anyone, except other insane nut jobs. Finally someone with backbone is exposing the corruption and background of advisers moncler coats for kids in the administration.

buy moncler jackets Carmen from Davie, Florida says:

It is censorship, pure and simple. Every media outlet should read between the lines of Axelrod statement that other news networks not go the way of Fox. This means if they report something the White House doesn like they could get censored as well.

When you report on the stories discount moncler jackets you have created, you have become illegitimate. Fox is balloon boy.

Cafferty is being Fox News. Instead of attempting to present the question in an impartial, journalistic manner, Cafferty clearly loads his question against the Obama administration. Sounds very Fox like to me.

moncler moncler outlet canada sale Well, Fox ratings have increased about 20% this year alone. Meanwhile Obama’s approval moncler outlet store ratings have decreased. You tell me if it a good idea.

moncler outlet I dont know if they should or not, but there were many days moncler jackets men when I saw Fox News commentators lining up all day long to attack the President. One day, it went all day long. And who the hell does Glen moncler jackets Beck think he is by installing a red phone? Does he think that he deserves a moncler outlet location call from the President more than anyone else that questions his policies? I think not. If anyone sits and listens to Beck for more cheap moncler than a few minutes they would probably come to the same conclusion I have, that dude is nuts.

moncler sale outlet It is strange that a campaign as well run as Obama where he walked a tightrope past numerous questions that could moncler outlet have mired his campaign into defeat, has made such a misstep here. To criticize the media only adds weight to what they are saying and drives more people to hear what the White House is speaking out about. moncler jackets for women it a very bad idea. Again, this is Obama hubris getting in moncler coats sale the way. The media always has the last say and endless hours to spin it in the public view. It moncler outlet woodbury is moncler jacket outlet a foolish error, by a normally politically savvy guy.

I think it is great for the republican party that moncler jackets toronto the white house is going after Fox News. It is obvious that they are going after them because they have the gall to ask tough moncler coats questions and to challenge the messiah on his poor decisions. MSNBC,CNN, and the other main news channels lambasted Bush moncler outlet ny on a day to day basis and some of them still do today even though he is no longer in power. I don recall the Bush administration going after people for disagreeing or questionning them. This just shows the true arrogance that this administration continues to show. The independent voters are going to move away from the Obama administration not only because the poor policy decisions but also because they will try to punish anybody that opposes them. As a republican I would encourage the White House to continue this strategy because it will moncler coats outlet make the 2010 elections a larger defeat for the left. Punching the bully in the nose won’t hurt in the moncler outlets uk short run. If Germany’s leaders of WWII were alive today, they would be employed at FOX. My wife watches them, I happen to see on the screen that Obama’s approval had dropped X amount since he took office. I doubt if they ever showed Bush’s approval drop from just after 9/11 until just before he left office. Fair and Balanced is mythological.

moncler outlet sale The White House is only stating the obvious. Fox is an adjunct arm of the Republican Party. president (of course, the GOP nominee) how to win the upcoming election?

Fox commentators moncler coats for women are all big GOP supporters moncler outlet mall or they are shown the door. O Beck, and Hannity are not only one sided, they go beyond the pale in criticizing this president. And half the time they just make up out and out lies. The FCC should re implement the Fairness Doctrine.

moncler outlet store I hope the Obama administration doesn waste time with Fox News, but pointing out that they not really a news organization is simply telling the truth. Have you ever watched a day of Fox News Jack? Try it some time, if you can stomach moncler jackets outlet it. Or have one of your assistants do discount moncler outlet it, if you can It would be apparent pretty quickly that they are not so much covering the news as they are giving a forum for a that is not fact based. Reminding people of that truth is not only good strategy, it is an essential public service.

There have been times in our past where media outlets were controlled by muckrakers and robber barons moncler outlet uk and the President still allowed media access equally. I agree Obama will find few friends at Fox news, but to try to limit media in our country is like saying these media outlets are government approved, in other words, moncler outlet online store Obama moncler jackets cheap is establishing government approved media. Media outlets in America are supposed to be independent watchdogs of the government. There is not supposed to be a government controlled or approved media so I am uncomfortable with this development to say the least.

This is just incredibly stupid on the part of the Obama administration. If Obama people don like what FoxNews is airing, then they need to either prove FoxNews wrong, or ignore the network. However, going against a news network with soaring ratings screams suppression of free speach (First Amendment anyone) as well as makes the administration look as if they trying to hide something. Is this all Obama people have to do with their time is attack a network that is less than friendly to its policies? The only thing this will accomplish is increase FoxNew ratings even more, as well as severely damage Obama moncler outlets usa rhetoric of governmental transparency. I suppose if MSNBC and their ilk temper their support of the administration that they become targets as well? Considering how much bad press Bush received, I don recall him or members of his administration going after any of the networks. Makes you wonder if maybe FoxNews has it right.

Give the American people some credit know that the news provided by FOX moncler outlet kids is slanted. The Palin lovers watch it rest of the Country has figured out FOX prefers to present controversial subjects and doesn really care to present the facts. Just consider them the channel of religious fanatics you don like the material they present, don waste your time watching. The President has a lot more important things to worry about than what FOX is concerned with years from now they will still be hung up on whether Obama was really born in Hawaii or not. They just cannot handle the truth.

cheap moncler outlet Jack, I guess much of the moncler jackets on sale country could counter: The White House isn much of an administration as it is a House of Czars. I mean we haven really seen much in transparency, accountability, progress, or responsible and moncler outlet usa trackable spending. So I guess if the White House got itself in order, perhaps FOX wouldn have much to pick at. Oh, of course that my point of view, that goes contrary to White House point of view, which I guess would pretty much fall under that Free Speach, First Admendment thing.

monlcer down jackets Why can you in the corporate owned mainstream media see moncler coats for men Fox for what it is? It a propaganda arm of the GOP. They manufacture quotes, take things out of context, refuse to report stories that reflect badly on the GOP and lie, lie, lie. Stop treating them as if they deserve respect. Some of the things cheap moncler jackets outlet they criticize the current President for (talking to school children, promoting US participation in the Olympics, etc) they feted moncler outlet online the previous president for. They are liars and hypocrits and I don understand why you and others in the media pretend to take them seriously. cy gardner, arlington, va.