NBA Live 18 much like FIFA 18

Posted On: January 27, 2015

would you go to sochi

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Anyways, I was crying that night, because I knew what was happening, after she had been gone for 3 hours, and didn answer my texts or calls. Cried so hard I puked. As I was rushing to the toilet, I slipped in the bathroom and bonked my head hard enough to hurt, but not enough to do severe damage..

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To do raids, care about IVs more than the average player, etc.) want the chance at a successful T3, T4, or T5 raid than care about one more shot at a high IV turtwig. And even if I wrong about that, 2KM eggs at half distance gives you much better odds of a high IV turtwig than trying to grind raids. Putting the CD pokemon in raids during CD is the dumbest sh in the world, Niantic.