One of my favorite quotes of all time came from Yoda in the

Posted On: August 22, 2014

Matt Bevin sounded off Thursday in an exclusive interview, saying people should be held accountable.”This is the type of thing that should not happen, period,” Bevin said. “People should be held accountable to the extent that these things are true.”Other Metro Council members were not happy with the mistakes outlined in the report.”Very disappointing is what I think,” Councilman Pat Mulvihill said.Added councilwoman Jessica Green: “It’s sickening, its reprehensible, and people should be ashamed of themselves.”The report claims there were significant mistakes in judgment made. It did not find evidence replica bags of a cover up, or that the mayor’s office interfered with the 2016 investigation.There are however new questions that are now coming under a microscope, taking a look at when Mayor Greg Fischer was deposed.+ Bevin reacts to LMPD Explorer case: ‘People should be held accountable’+ LMPD Youth Explorer Investigation: No cover up, but ‘mistakes were made’+ City probe into Explorer Program scandal nearly triples in cost+ LMPD Chief Conrad says he briefed Fischer on Explorer sex abuse scandal+ Former Prospect Asst.

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