Perfection is not only highly over rated

Posted On: February 19, 2015

By mailing a postcard to the putative father registry, he could have guaranteed that he would receive notice of any proceedings to adopt Jessica. The possibility that he may have failed to do so because of his ignorance of the law cannot be a sufficient reason for criticizing the law itself. The New York Legislature concluded that a more open ended notice requirement would merely complicate the adoption process, threaten the privacy interests of unwed mothers, create the risk of unnecessary controversy, and impair the desired finality of adoption decrees.

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During engagement with Japanese forces, the USS Lexington was severely damaged and eventually sank. But before the crew abandoned ship, they carried out one extremely important task: They ate all of the ice cream. The men broke into the ship’s freezer and scooped all the ice cream into their helmets, licking them clean before evacuating at the last minute.

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