That doesn’t mean you in Picasso’s blue period to show off

Posted On: September 30, 2013


“Happy, those who do not know and who lead their little quiet life and Godillot Parliament, deputies illiterate, useless senators to come, compromises at the top, leaking hoops, injustices everywhere, massive hijackings, high authority for good governance gangrne by conflict of interest and blackmail audit, structure of fight against corrupt corruption, general inspection of State paralyzed by the political deals, multinational over the laws that crush national SMEs with the kind assistance of decision-makers, youth corrupted by political lies and false models, the public education system that collapses (20 thousand graduates 2017 oriented in the public against 61 thousand in the private sector). Mainly because of the retro-commissions on the taken care of), national SMEs ruined by the Poor How to find the sleep knowing the bottom of the c artes that are distributed every day, before our amazed eyes? Knowing the level of celebration of unconsciousness and carelessness in public administration? How can we go to emergence by lowering the level of education and training of youth? How not to go crazy by discovering every day what is happening, what is happening, the dangers in front of which, resigned, we run, the terrible political surprises that await us in a few months, the daily behavior, the blindness that We are inclined to think that 20 years of political crisis and several thousand deaths have not succeeded in quenching our thirst for confrontations. It remains to us, it seems, just two or three years to become aware and redress the Other, it would be Ah God, do not send us your angels any more NB: Reflections of a night without.

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