The benefits range from an average of $47

Posted On: March 18, 2014

For example: when getting into a ballpark for a final figure, they have a reason why they want ‘current offer + extra’. “Well, alright, I understand and could give you ‘extra’, but I’ve also just realized that the amount ‘current + extra’ is going to require me to liquidate assets and incur a significant 15% tax cost on the whole thing to get this deal completed now rather than dragging payment out over years (which I assume you don’t want?). I recognize and will concede to give you ‘extra’, but the total amount that changes hands should be ‘(current + extra)0.85’ to account for the tax cost of all of this if you want it right now in cash.

Option 2, you have a clear financial motive. In option 1, how do the politicians benefits from regulating the businesses exactly? Who paying them? The only plausible answer I could see would maybe be companies that don pollute the environment. Thing is that those clean companies have a tiny fraction of the market capital as the polluting companies.

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