they came up with the concept of which roughly translates into

Posted On: May 16, 2013

El Carrito

cheap Canada Goose I was at one of my dealers in Chicago earlier this year and one of the guys hollered at me, “Hey, do you want a taco?” had a boat of tacos in front of him and they looked pretty good. asked him where he got the tacos from and he said, Canada Goose Outlet “A place called. deliver and canada goose outlet in vancouver we use them pretty regularly.” I canada goose outlet london asked if they had a restaurant, he said, “They do. it not far from canada goose outlet price here.” a recent trip into canada goose parka outlet Chicago, I happened to be sitting at a stop light and I looked over and saw in a small strip mall. made a mental note of the location and ended up going there for lunch one day. Zureikat was a native of the south side of Chicago who ended up running the Foremost Liquors store in a strip mall at canada goose coats uk the corner of Peterson and Lincoln Ave. discovered there was a dearth of good places to eat around him and when a spot opened up next to his liquor store, he leased it out with intentions of putting in a small restaurant. wanted a place with good and authentic canada goose outlet store montreal Mexican street food. enlisted canada goose outlet boston the help of Valentine Hernandez, canada goose outlet winnipeg address a Mexican native who learned to cook in his hometown of Mexico City. they came up with the concept of which roughly translates into “The Little Cart” using only fresh and locally sourced items. canada goose jacket outlet store duo opened in May of 2015. I said, is in a strip mall next to Foremost Liquors on the northeast corner of Peterson and Lincoln Ave. the restaurant, it sort of a contemporary industrial decor with a high ceiling with exposed duct work and beams. street carts were either used as displays or functional napkin and condiment holders. featured a number of meats including their carne asada which was grilled skirt steak, suadero (a Mexican style brisket), pierna en adobo (a pork leg cooked in an adobo sauce), tinga (chicken cooked with chipotle peppers, tomatoes and onions) and something called chicharron prensado pork meat with the skin on that is cooked in a guajillo sauce with spices. The meats were available in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and tortas. Carrito also featured fajitas, a grilled tiger shrimp cocktail, tamales, and a dish called pozole a Mexican stew made with pork, hominy, mild chile peppers, and then canada goose outlet official served with cabbage, radishes, oregano and tostadas. dining area at featured lime canada goose outlet mall green chairs canada goose factory outlet vancouver and bright colored table tops. tables were sort of haphazardly situated across the dining room. was canada goose jacket outlet toronto cozy, but well lit with the large windows in the front of the restaurant. chips and salsa were $3.49 and both were very good. chips were fresh and warm, while the salsa verde was had a great flavor with a bit of a burn canada goose jacket outlet on the back end. Carrito doesn serve alcohol, but with Foremost Liquors next door owned by one of the guys who owns you can canada goose vest outlet go there to get beer or mixings for margaritas and bring it into the restaurant. had ran out of the salsa verde from eating canada goose outlet store uk the chips, canada goose outlet london uk so I asked one of the young ladies cleaning up in the dining area if canada goose outlet black friday sale I could get some more green salsa. came back with two little tubs maybe an ounce of sauce each. well. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats Now, I was lucky to get the above picture of the tacos because not only did they look good, they smelled good, too. had put some of the salsa verde on the carnitas taco canada goose outlet online uk and almost started to take a bite before I snapped the picture of the food. the wait was worth it. three tacos were fabulous. taste combinations of the meats, chiles, spices, veggies, herbs, fruits, and whatever else was part of the individual tacos were all outstanding. tacos I had were all very good and I sure the canada goose outlet locations in toronto other things on their menu canada goose clothing uk would be just as good. choices of meats on their menu were varied and interesting. tasted fresh with a lot of great flavor combinations going on with each taco. Carrito is nothing fancy, but the street style tacos were nothing short of excellent canada goose coats.