Vocalist Nadia Tarnawsky, the Yara Arts Group and the

Posted On: November 22, 2013

29 years later Chernobyl

Chornobyl Songs goose black friday Project Concert

Chornobyl Songs Project Concert with ethnomusicologist/singer Maria Sonevytsky (Bard College) and ensemble “Hilka” performing the polyphonic village singing styles of Ukraine’s Chornobyl region. Vocalist Nadia Tarnawsky, the Yara Arts Group and the Veveritse Brass Band are in the program.

Joining the performers is special guest Yevhen Yefremov from Ukraine, the ethnomusicologist who recorded folk music Canada Goose Coats On Sale from the region before the disaster occured. His work uniquely preserves a tradition and legacy that might otherwise have disappeared with the dispersal of canada goose replica communities in the exclusion zone.

With Ukraine canada goose clearance becoming independent from the former Soviet Union, the Ukrainian government has set about to reestablish its own cheap Canada Goose language and original spellings. Two of the most Canada Goose online noticeable differences are Chornobyl (Ukrainian spelling) and Chernobyl (Russian spelling); and Kyiv (Ukrainian spelling) and canada goose store Kiev (Russian spelling).

Our spelling change was made at the request of Ukraine government officials with canadagoosejacketsalesca whom Canada Goose Parka we work. We also have several members of our INSP staff who are living and working in Canada Goose Jackets either Slavutych or Kyiv, Ukraine; and we have several Ukraine citizens working on the INSP program in the United States. All of buy canada goose jacket these individuals have expressed the need to change our spelling to the Ukraine (English) spelling, and not the former Russian (English) spelling. Department of State, at the request of the Ukraine government, advised our offices in August 1997 to change to the preferred spelling of the country canada goose coats on sale in which the city or nuclear power plant is located. At that point, we changed our web site spelling to canada goose deals Ukraine’s preference, which is Chornobyl.

Chornobyl City (1971 pop 10,000), raion center in Kiev oblast [Ukraine],

port on the Prypiat River in Kievan Polisia. Before 1917 Chornobyl

was an autonomous (‘zastatne’) town in Radomyshl county with a

population employed in agriculture and small trades. The city has

experienced periods of decline: in 1897 it had 9,300 inhabitants, while

in 1926 it had 9,000. The main industry is food processing, but

the city also has a pig iron foundry and ship repair base. Since 1972,

a nuclear power plant has been Canada Goose Online located there. Chornobyl

was first mentioned in 1193.

Encyclopedia of Ukraine, 1985

The pre dawn accident on April 26, 1986 sent a cloud that rained radiation over much of Europe and buy canada goose jacket cheap contaminated

large areas in then Soviet Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

According to Ukrainian government figures, more than 4,000 canada goose black friday sale of those who took

part in the hasty and poorly organized Soviet cleanup effort have died, and

more than 70,000 Ukrainians were fully disabled by the disaster.

Overall, about 3.4 million of Ukraine’s 50 million people, including about 1.26

million children, are considered affected by Chernobyl. The last remaining reactor shut down today, one day ahead of schedule. For most people, the name Chernobyl will forever be associated with the explosion and fire that killed dozens of workers in the immediate aftermath and caused canada goose thousands of cases of cancer. But for the people in the nearby town of Slavutich, it the power plant been Canada Goose Outlet a faithful employer. High quality housing, good salaries and other amenities have made Slavutich something of a workers’ paradise, and residents say it’s been worth the health risk to live there. (4:00)

A test of the emergency equipment went awry and a series of explosions led to a nuclear core meltdown in Chornobyl reactor 4. The resulting radioactive cloud of dust spread over Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and canada goose coats other parts of Europe. The other 3 canadian goose jacket reactors canada goose clearance sale are shut down.

Reactor Number Two is restarted

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilian experts construct a cover, known as the Canada Goose sale sarcophagus, above the destroyed reactor.