When the air in your environment is especially dry

Posted On: October 19, 2013

I have another friend who did nothing but study for school. Never took a break, unless it was a holiday or summer break for school. From 1st grade until she was into college. We’ve gotten her to the point where we can get her to go to sleep in her bed, with the door open, and she’ll fall asleep in about 30min to 1hour. But by 1 2am she’s crawling in with us.I fully believe in the cry it out method, but we are moving in 3 weeks so I feel like I’m going to keep making this situation worse for the next 3 weeks and address all the change all at once after.I’ve heard of some people laying in bed with them for a few days, then sitting next to the bed, then next to the door, then just outside of the door. You may realize at some point kiddo doesn’t need you there anymore.

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