“With mobile wallets such as Apple Pay the risk of physical

Posted On: April 25, 2014

Another good idea would be not to pit your products in slides against the competition when you cannot deliver. Those would be the points that AMD missed. Voting with my wallet, why sure, here’s a scenario, up until Ryzen came out last year what were your options for a laptop or for a workstation? Also what were your choices before Vega came out (late and totally targeting a segment that has been left untouched and is already saturated by the 1080/1070) for higher resolution gameplay? Sure the money is in the mainstream but if you leave 1 segment unattended for a period of time those things will flood the market, basically for each 1070/1080 sold for a whole year for nVidia, AMD sold 0 and we have only ourselves to blame for this too? What?You just don’t want to understand what I am describing..

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