You gotta take it like 2 3 times a day if you backed up

Posted On: November 7, 2014

Like last year, you can earn chances to attend the Jaguars vs Cowboys game at Wembley Stadium on 9 November 2014 when your friends sign up for NFL Game Pass using your personal referral URL. Your friends will save 10% off the price of a Season Plus subscription to NFL Game Pass. The Referral Program will be available mid July..

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Kenta Maeda pitched two scoreless innings for Los Angeles but was pulled after the delay. Casey Sadler relieved Maeda and got two outs, and Julio Urias followed with 2 2/3 innings and was charged with two unearned runs. Pedro Baez (4 2) pitched 1 2/3 innings, Joe Kelly tossed a perfect eighth and Dylan Floro pitched a scoreless ninth..

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